FC Leaky Gut Healing Kit


This kit was developed by Ryan Martin from Revive Yourself and Mark Lester, owner of The Finchley Clinic. The name of the kit speaks for itself in terms of what it was designed for. It’s related to the Total Gut Health, Detox & Immune Boosting Kit, but more narrowly focusses on gut permeability issues (leaky gut). Designed to be comprehensive but affordable.

The kit consists of the following products:

1 x Biokult – 60 capsules (wide spectrum probiotic)
1 x Pau d’arco tea 40 teabags (Anti-Candida)
1 x 8 oz Restore (helps leaky gut)
2 x Marshmallow Formula (helps leaky gut)
1 x Aloe Fuzion (helps leaky gut)