Dr Mercola Healthy Skin Natural Sunscreen Broadspectrum SPF30 – 236ml


Dr Mercola Healthy Skin Natural Sunscreen Broadspectrum SPF30 – 236ml


  • Free of chemical fragrances…
  • Free of parabens (harsh chemical preservatives)…
  • Free of nanoparticles (allows sunscreen to be more cosmetically appealing as it’s less visible, yet it remains on your skin’s surface)…

About the other ingredients: Each active ingredient in this outstanding product has been carefully chosen to specifically protect and nourish your skin.

  • Astaxanthin: Astaxathin is one of nature’s most powerful antioxidants.
  • Sunflower Oil and Wax: Sunflower oil is a moisturizer that contains vitamins A, D, and E. This soothing ingredient is often used to moisturise dry, weathered, and aged skin. Sunflower wax helps make sunscreen water-resistant without the use of petroleum products.
  • Lecithin: Lecithin is found in the membranes of plant cells (soy). It is widely used in cosmetics as an emollient and water-binding agent.
  • Coconut oil: Coconut oil has been used by islanders for hundreds of years to moisturise their skin and is likely to be mild and gentle on your skin.
  • Glycerine: Used as an emollient, glycerine moisturises your skin.
  • Jojoba oil: Jojoba oil is a non-fragrant natural emollient that has moisturising and skin-conditioning properties.
  • Tocopheryl acetate (vitamin E): Tocopheryl acetate also acts as a natural preservative.
  • Shea butter: Shea butter is a natural plant lipid used as a thickener and emulsifier. It also has effective moisturising properties.
  • Eucalyptus oil: Eucalyptus oil is an essential oil. When mixed with other oils, it can be absorbed by your skin. Best of all, it may assist other oils in absorption, as well, which can support the moisturising process.
  • Aloe vera gel: Aloe contains over 130 active compounds and 34 amino acids believed to be beneficial to your skin.
  • Pomegranate extract: Pomegranate contains vitamins and antioxidants. It also contains 3 types of polyphenols – tannins, athocyanins, and ellagic acid.
  • Raspberry seed oil: As a source of Vitamin E, this oil can help condition the skin.