FC Total Gut Health, Detox & Immune Boosting Kit


This kit was developed by Ryan Martin from Revive Yourself together with Mark Lester, who owns The Finchley Clinic Ltd. The name of the kit speaks for itself in terms of what it was designed for. The other kit in this range is the Leaky Gut Healing Kit.

1 x Latero Flora (Probiotic / Anti-Candida)
1 x Pau d’Arco tea – 40 bags – (Anti-Candida)
1 x Cats Claw tea – 40 bags  (Anti-Candida)
1 x Quebra Pedra tea – 40 bags (Liver and Gall Bladder support)
2 x Burdock Formula (Detox – liver, kidneys lymph, blood)
2 x Marshmallow formula (Gut permeability / leaky gut)
1 x 8 oz Restore  (Gut permeability / leaky gut)
1 x Aloe Fuzion (Gut permeability / leaky gut)
1 x Green Magma 250 tablets (Helps every aspect of health and detox)